You are God

-Well, at least in the game. And it seems like you did a sloppy Job: You created a bunch of idiots, who are destroying their homeplanet all the time.

The Journey begins

Guide your people to their next homeplanet by pushing planets in order and letting stars explode. Clear the way  for their spaceship and bring them safe and sound to their new earth. But beware: You only have a limited amount of actions you can do. Plan wisely!

And let us hope that they won't destroy the next planet too...


The last "level" might be a bit confusing, since the  camera does not zoom out like it does in all the other level. That is intended. You just need to start the ship.

Following Bugs are noted:

  • Text goes out of the bubble
  • While aiming with a planet you can trigger other planets and stars

If you find other bugs feel free to report them so I can fix them


Start Spacehip[spacebar]
Camera Positionmouse right or mousewheel
Stop time[p]
Open Menu[m]
Manipulate Planets/Starsmouse left
Abort Manipulationmouse right


solar fractal by Quarkstar (c) copyright 2018 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. 


Helsinki by Vic Fieger


Download 32 MB
Version 4 35 days ago
Download 28 MB
Version 8 35 days ago


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liked the idea but it was hard to figure out what to do at first. Maybe make a short tutorial explaining the actions and give the actions different icons

Thank you for your feedback. This game really DOES need a tutorial. I just havn't managed it in time for the Beginners Circle Jam.

What do you exactly mean with different icons?

like when you hover over the sun make a small wave icon that indicates the action or when you hover over something pushable make like a push icon so players can see what each object will do.

Hm, ok. I think I understand your point.

Hey, I thought the screenshots looked really interesting so I wanted to play but unfortunately, I'm on Mac so I can't download the game. After trying to run the game on HTML, all I see is the word LANE and it seems that the framing for the game in HTML is too small so I can only see a portion of the game.

(1 edit)

Sorry for that. I messed up the resolution of the game. I think I have fixed it now.

It's such a cool game that has just a few design flaws that make it not as fun to play as it could have been. Personally, I would suggest not making players wait for the people to get into the ship and make it clearer what each of the effects are. Still though, crazy cool idea and excellent art


Maybe I could send the Doctor to make them run faster ;D

This was a neat little game. I got stuck on the third level - wasn't sure how to solve it, but it was nice!


The third level is indeed a large jump in difficulty.