Our Vision

Since evolution came along with the idea of "eat or get eaten" time for worms had been tough! But not for our lovely, sympathetic main worm fighting for justice. It decided to stand up against the chopping beaks and shredding claws of the birds.
Worm would be the one who would gain back the power and correct the in disorder fallen food chain.
Worm would be the one who would stand above everything and everybody and he would end this dark period  of time.

But how could a small, leeky, earth colored tube possibly win this fight?
There will be mutations to collect within the game which can improve or worsen certain skills and attributes of the worm itself. From the tiny hide-and-seek-troublemaker to the monsterous Muta-Worm, we will try to implement as much variety as possible! :)


  1. Moving: W, A, S, D
  2. Jump: spacebar
  3. Attack: left mouse button
  4. Sprint/Dodge: shift
  5. Reset Position: R


  1. Walk (running speed)
  2. Jump (jump hight)
  3. Attack (attack dmg)
  4. Size (get bigger and push all stats slightly)
  5. Life (more life points)


Banner 3 MB
UGJ#33 Birb Alert! Windows.zip 80 MB